Our Concept


Class based training facility

  • Boxing, lifting, conditioning & stretch/moblity classes

  • Recovery centre with Ice Baths, Infrared Saunas, Compression and Percussion Recovery

  • Supervised Creche

  • 2 Hours Free Parking

  • Air conditioned

  • Welcoming community...


Our Story


Created by former professional athlete Banging Benny Kite, B Athletic takes everything Benny learnt through his 8 year career as a professional boxer and brings it all together for the everyday athlete focusing on a bigger picture of health.
Benny rose to the top of his sport winning the Australian Title, IBF Pan Pacific and WBF Asian Pacific belts just to name a few. To train at this elite level Ben had several coaches all with different specialties plus a full recovery schedule. He could see that there was a gap between how a professional athlete and an everyday athlete would train when we are all trying to get the best out of our bodies.
B Athletic believes in training in all modalities including weight lifting, functional fitness and of course boxing - a skill to master. We also want members to put just as much emphasis on recovery including stretching and utilising our Dual Zone Recovery Centre.
B Athletic is a group training facility as we believe members get the most out of building a community to train with. All results and scores are trackable through our app to ensure you are continually progressing!

Cairns first complete fitness and wellness centre